Online Program for Hebrew Speakers Overseas

3-Year program: compulsory for 4-year program students

Each and every complementary medical practitioner has to undergo training in Western medicine. It is especially for this reason that we at Vital have come up with a curriculum which is among the most comprehensive and advanced in Israel.

The faculty members who teach in the framework of this program are 6th and 7th year medical students.

This program is also open to the general public as well as to students of complementary medicine at any establishment.

Pick and Choose: register for one or several courses of your own choice!

The total number of hours per this program is in line with any standard required by the professional association.

The program takes three years, consisting of 8 academic categories that rely on each other, thereby providing you the student with extensive info and know-how from various fields. Each course is tailored to what is required of complementary medical practitioners.

We created this program based on over 20 years of teaching.