Online Program for Hebrew Speakers Overseas

Homeopathy Studies in Hebrew for Israelis Living Overseas

Classic Homeopathy is a bona-fide therapeutic teaching in its own right, so it of course requires in-depth study and willingness on your part to dedicate your time and effort to understanding its philosophy and meaning and to internalize the therapeutic skills that come with the territory.

Seeking personal growth? Classic Homeopathy is the right path for you! All the more so if you wish to open your own practice as a homeopath.

Already a homeopath?

Vital’s program offers you ample room and opportunity to hone your range of skills if you are making your first steps in the world as a holistic complementary medical practitioner, even more so if you are one already.

  • Are you serious and dedicated?
  • Do you have what it takes?
  • Do you have professional and lifelong experience?
  • Are you currently residing far from Israel and would like to pursue a vocation featuring personal growth and the challenges of an academic program?

If YES is your answer – then Vital is your rightful place!

We have developed, especially for you, a unique, first of its kind, 3-year program filled with advanced, top of the online internet-based tools allowing you to gain the highest level of proficiency in both homeopathic and conventional medicine – everything you need to become responsible, professional practitioner!


– You have to be at least 18 y.o.

– Pass a personal Skype or video conference interview with a senior academic coordinator

– Matriculation certificate or equivalent thereof

– Proven aptitude for advanced high level studies

– Proficient command of Hebrew and English