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Would you like to be a homeopath?

Trying to decide what to specialize in? This depends on your skills and your character. The answer will tell you where to study – and what.

This is crucial for making the transition from wanting to treat others to becoming a top-notch practitioner.

Here at Vital, we have developed a unique and comprehensive curriculum over a 3-year program, in the course of which you shall learn the ropes and train in the fundamentals of Classic Homeopathy as they were formulated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in the 19th century and then by his successors – as well as study today’s most cutting edge approaches.

Vital: the highest level of studies of Classical Homeopathy and Western medicine – as well as many and varied therapeutic and diagnostic skills, step by step, as you go along.

At Vital, we place our emphasis on understanding the patient’s innermost and deepest world, so our program focuses on combining body and mind and the language in which they communicate. Our students learn and train in stages, for instance extending your knowledge of human nature, its complexity, human consciousness and sensory focalization, understanding one’s dreams, childhood experiences and topics such as growth and development.

תכנית הלימוד כוללת

Philosophy and Organon

The principles of Homeopathy as laid down by its founder, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, and as they developed by his followers, notably, Kent, Bönninghausen and Hering, as well as contemporary homeopaths.

Materia Medica

Studying, learning, recognizing and achieving in-depth understanding of homeopathic remedies and their effects.

מטריה מדיקה

לימוד, הכרה והבנה לעומק של התרופות ההומאופתיות (רמדיס) והשפעתן.


Familiarize yourself and practice working with the Symptoms Compendium, the technical tool facilitating the correlation between the specific case and the relevant homeopathic remedy.

Clinical Specialization

The highlight of your learning process: gaining practical experience as a student on your way to becoming an independent practitioner in your own right. This phase takes place during your 4th year, in the course of which you will be assigned cases under the close supervision and guidance of a seasoned senior teacher.


Group sessions and personal one-to-one sessions with the head of your department and or faculty member. This is designed to receive feedback and gage your own personal development, as well as finding effective and creative solutions for various and unexpected themes you will explore during your studies.


In-depth study of Organon items concerning controlled clinical experiments. This is a portal which unlocks for you the process of familiarizing yourself with the remedy from the moment of its preparation down to mastering its practical features.

The Practitioner’s Development

This live-experience course focuses on the relationship between the practitioner himself or herself and between the practitioner and the patient. This course greatly strengthens and hones one’s inner and outer attention during practice.

Business Management

A practical session imparting you with a toolkit for personal growth as a business owner. Learn the ways in which you can become independent in managing your holistic practice and managing it.

Fundamentals of Nutrition and a Healthy Lifestyle

Expanding your practitioner’s toolkit while formulating a nurturing lifestyle for your patient.

International Relations

With Dr. Rajan Sankaran’s Academy of Homeopathy in Mumbai, India. A groundbreaking homeopath, Dr. Sankaran is a renowned author of numerous books on top of developing a special method for conceptualizing the case’s essence more accurately and coming up with the appropriate remedy.


Getting accepted to Vital requires you pass an aptitude exam complete with a personal interview with a senior faculty member.

Total number of academic hours required for Homeopathy, Western medicine and enrichment classes: 2,546 during the entire 4-year program.