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דר' רינה מרקוביץ M.D. RCHom - מייסדת ומנהלת ויטאל

Dr. Rina Markovits, M.D., RCHom

A doctor and a homeopath. Founder of the School back in 1997. Rina is an acclaimed senior lecturer in Israel as well as the world over, with a highly extensive 30-year clinical experience in complementary medicine.

תומר הראל RCHom - מייסד ומנהל ויטאל

Tomer Harel, RCHom

Senior lecturer, founder of the Forum for the Regulation of Complementary Medicine in Israel. Served as Chair of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy, 2011-2015. During 2012-2017 served as the CEO and chair of Synergy Homeopathic, a homeopathy software development company.

איתי סאקס RCHom - מנהל בויטאל ומרצה בכיר

Itay Sachs, RCHom

Senior lecturer and graduate of the first class of Classic Homeopathy in the framework of Complementary Medicine Program at Israel’s Management College, 2001. Taught classic homeopathy at Management College and at Assaf Harofeh Medical Center’s Complementary Medicine hub. Itay teaches at Vital and guides advanced training and study groups for homeopaths. Throughout his endeavors, Itay combines and applies the Yehudit Amara Method for mentoring patients and fostering their development.