Online Program for Hebrew Speakers Overseas

Post-Graduate Studies

Especially suitable for:

Certified homeopathic practitioners, our own graduates and or homeopaths who are members of the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy.

You are more than welcome to join our post-grad program right here at Vital’s community clinic.

The programs allows homeopaths who are just getting started in their career to see patients, receive personal and group guidance and continue pursuing their professional development through to their integration further into the field as full-time practitioners.

Our program provides you with a comprehensive practical basis, on top of the theoretical basis provided by the school. Each student in the program will cater to the public independently: people long for personal attention, bedside manner and an answer to the wellness needs that goes beyond their immediate condition.

Clinical work is done in pairs, which makes for a learning experience and a method enriching both practitioners and helping them establish their confidence on top of honing their interviewing skills as well as their attention. The counselors meet you every other week and follow up through case summations, personal discussions and group sessions.

The fees for the treatment go directly to you, the homeopath treating the patients at the school clinic!

Per consultation with welfare professionals, the cost per session with a homeopath was set to 90 NIS.

As a practitioner, you can bring your own patients for homeopathic treatment at the school clinic as well.