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Who are we

The School for Classical Homeopathy was founded by a team of senior homeopathic lecturers and practitioners, headed by Dr. Rina Markovits. The school’s guiding vision has been to bring about integrative medicine, combining homeopathic medicine, Western medicine, Nutrition and personal growth. A 4-year academic curriculum has been developed in order to facilitate this vision, featuring a program weaving together extensive know-how derived from the practice of wellness therapy.

The School for Homeopathic Medicine places a great deal of emphasis on focusing on the patient and the patient’s well-being. It is for this reason, that the school attaches such high importance to clinical specialization, with the students undergoing extensive training at the community clinic, which caters to the residents of southern Tel Aviv and its neighboring areas. Every member of the community is welcome to benefit from the care offered by the school’s alumni, under the supervision of the faculty’s top homeopathic practitioners. 

Vital’s Classic Homeopathy Program, which is based on international standards, is recognized and certified by the Israeli Association for Classical Homeopathy. The dynamic curriculum allows you to combine your studies with your ongoing work, family life and personal life.