Vital – School For Homeopathy

Vital – School For Homeopathy

Unique live program
with Dr. Rajan Sankaran

As part of ongoing collaboration between Vital School of Classical Homeopathy and The Other Song Academy led by Dr. Rajan Sankaran we are pleased to offer a new program that will teach Dr. Sankaran’s most recent advances in Homeopathy. The ideas of subclass and super class. These ideas made a big shift in his practice and are sure to advance your practice too.

The program consists of 2 parts:

The program plan:

Witnessing the Inner Song Experience -bypassing the mind and bringing one’s inner pattern into one’s consciousness

Duration – 3h:00m

This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Sankaran his new insights and the professional development he has undergone in recent years. Seeing Dr. Sankran take live cases and analyze them is the pinnacle of the learning experience.

Meeting dates:

Recorded lectures:

Live lectures with Dr. Sankaran:

Course cost:

475.00 USD / 410.00 Euro / 1500 New Israel Shekel

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In Dr. Sankaran’s words: